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Oprettet: 03-10-2006

Traits for the Linear Type Classification

The linear type classification includes 21 traits (see pages with drawings and text), and additionally milking speed, temperament, and blind teats for daughter groups. The 21 traits are assessed on a scale from 1 to 9, where 1 and 9 express the biological extremes.

For example, a cow with a very deep udder will receive score 1 for Udder Depth, while a cow with a very high and well attached udder will get score 9.

An optimum value is determined for each trait in order to be able to assess a cow's classification in relation to the breeding goal. The optimum is the assessment/score given to a cow which fulfils the breeds breeding goal in a certain trait (see page with optimum). The traits have different optimum scores - some have one of the biological extremes as their optimum, while others have an intermediate optimum (the optimum for the trait lies between 1 and 9).

Udder Depth is an example for a trait with optimum 9 (for all breeds) - a high and well attached udder - i.e. one of the biological extremes.

Rear Leg Side View is a trait with an intermediate optimum. The optimum is 5 - a correctly angled hock - which corresponds to the biological midpoint between a straight and sickled rear leg.

The 56 defective characteristics are split up into the following categories: 19 for body, 11 for feet & legs, 20 for the mammary system, 4 for milking speed and 2 for blind teats (see page with defective characteristics). These are used in case the linear system does not adequately describe the conformation. All defective characteristics are scored on a scale from 1 to 2. Score 1 means that the cow in question clearly differs from the norm for the respective trait. Score 2 means that the relevant cow differs very much for the respective trait.  

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