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Cattle conference: Why I participated in the conference

Many workers from abroad chose to participate in the conference.

At SEGES, we are very pleased to note that so many workers from abroad chose to participate in the conference. We had between 50 and 100 participants at each of the four sessions, specifically arranged for this group. We asked a few of them what made them sign up and come to Herning:

Bruno Agio, Brazil.
Has been working in Denmark for two months.

I am a student and came to Denmark to learn about Danish farming. I work on a farm to get some experience. However, the cattle conference is a good opportunity for me to learn more about how to deal with Danish farming and farmers. I think it is a very good idea to have sessions specifically for workers from abroad.

Artem Lukiianov, Ukraine.
Has been working in Denmark for one year.

I work on a farm in Skive and my boss recommended that I participated in the conference. “If you want to stay, you must improve your level”, he said to me. And as for me, I also think it is important to learn more – it makes it easier if you want to change things on the farm. And maybe it can help increase your salary. I joined all the sessions for workers from abroad and learned new things – for instance about lameness. Another nice thing about participating is meeting colleagues and hearing about their experiences. I will definitely join the conference next year too.

Ciobanu Andrei, Romania.
Has been working in Denmark for five months.

I think it is a very good idea to have sessions for workers from abroad. My boss insisted on me and my colleagues coming here today. And we learned new things – for instance how to see if a cow is lame and how to look for signs that cows are in heat. We learned how to do certain things in a better way. I also really like that we hear other colleagues’ opinions about different things.
We will be back at the conference next year.

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