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Danish Control Programme on Bovine Paratuberculosis

The Danish programme on bovine paratuberculosis is a voluntary control programme. The programme aims to provide Danish dairy farmers with options to, in the most economic and welfare advantageous manner, enable them to reduce the prevalence and impact of paratuberculosis.

The programme was initiated in February 2006. Farmers enrolled in the programme are required to perform 4 annual screenings of their lactating cows using a milk antibody ELISA, whereby animals are divided into High-Risk and Low-Risk cows. Furthermore, they are requested to perform a risk assessment, and High-Risk cows are to be managed specially.

Selected farmers’ attitudes, logistics and the like are depicted in a DVD, which was circulated to all dairy farmers in November 2006. An English version of the DVD is available here:


and the principles of the programme is described here:


The interested reader is referred to the literature in the reference list for specific details about the programme.

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