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Papers from the Networking Group on 100 % organic feeding

The Networking Group was established during The International Conference “Amino acid supply for poultry and Pigs when feed is 100 % organic” held at Koldkaergaard Conference Centre 4´th November 2010.

On this page, Your will find the published papers from the Networking Group in English.


The group consists of 30 persons from 10 different countries. The aims of the group is by networking activities, amongst others paper writing, exchange of knowledge, information on present and future activities to pave the way for 100 % organic feeding of monogastrics in Europe.

Wege zur Verwirklichung der Futterversorgung von Ökogeflügel mit 100 Prozent landwirtschaftlichen Futtermittel aus ökologischer Herkunft

Approaches for 100 percent organic feed to organic poultry in Sweden.

Regan Organic Produce Ldt.

The feasibility og feeding non-ruminants a 100 % organic diet.

Challenges in feeding 100 % organic feed to poultry.

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Clara Møller-Nielsen