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Tips for a good start at a Danish farm

Every year many international workers start new jobs at Danish farms. Danish farms want to create attractive workplaces, so they can attract people from both inside and outside Denmark.

To support you as an international worker at a Danish farm, SEGES Innovation and Sønderjysk Landboforening have developed some short films covering some important topics. These include:

  • Understanding your paycheck
  • Culture shock
  • Trust and collaboration
  • Health and safety
  • Safe handling of cattle
  • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

The films are intended to give you brief introductions to aspects of Danish society, culture and workplaces. Please always feel free to reach out personally to us (contact details below).

Additionally the document “Practical information for newcomers in Denmark” has a list of necessary links to official websites for newcomers, and also gives specific information for people displaced from Ukraine.

The document “Report your work accident” gives you information about how to report a work-related accident in Denmark.

Practical information for newcomers in Denmark

If you have started a job as a herdsman, farm manager or apprentice at a Danish, you must register as a resident in Denmark. Your employer can help you, and if needed your employer can contact the local agricultural advisory service for support. 

On the website Life in Denmark, your will find practical information to support your initial steps and life in Denmark, for example:

If you already have a residence and work permit from The Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI), you must remember to 1) renew it, if you change job, and 2) extend it before it expires. Read more at New to Denmark. Your employer can also help with this process.

If you are displaced from Ukraine

As a person displaced from Ukraine you will find information about getting a special residence permit at New to Denmark, and guidance about how to get a job.

A  guide to reporting work-related accidents in Danish farming

  • If you have an accident at your work and: 

    1. are not able to perform your work for more than one day in addition to the day of the accident 
    2. you have a risk of long-term effects caused by the accident,
      your accident must be reported. 

    Accidents for all workers must be reported

    Work-related accidents for all workers must be reported. It does not matter what the workers’ nationality is, or whether they are apprentices or temporarily working in Denmark. 

    Why report an accident?

    There are two main reasons for reporting work-related accidents:

    1. Legal requirement. Employers could be fined for not reporting an accident within 14 days. Employers are obliged to report all necessary information regarding the accident. 
    2. Insurance and compensation. As a worker in Denmark you are covered by an occupational accident insurance. You may be entitled to financial compensation following an accident. Reporting an accident will allow the insurance company to decide whether you are entitled to financial compensation.
  • A work-related accident is an accident which happens whilst you are at work. This includes when you are on a break, or doing something work-related away from your normal place of work.
    Examples of the types of incidents that must be reported:

    • Broken or sprained limbs
    • Head injuries
    • Cuts (e.g. from work with machines)
    • Needle injections
    • Bites from animals
    • Bruises
    • Manure gas poisoning
    • Skin corrosion

    Work-related accidents are not the same as occupational diseases (for example, musculoskeletal disorders or respiratory illnesses), which are long-term effects that may be caused by your work or working environment. These are reported by the doctor or the dentist. Employers are not obliged to report occupational diseases.

  • It is important that you first clarify with your employer that it is the employer’s responsibility to report the work-related accident. However, if your employer does not want to report the accident, you or your representative (e.g. lawyer or union) may report the accident. In this case the accident should be reported within one year from the day of the accident.

    If you want to report your work-related accident yourself.

    It is free to report a work-related accident, and there are no fees in the process of reporting.
    If you need help to report an accident, you may contact one of the consultants in this list.

  • All workers are granted legal protection from undue backlash and workplace penalties for being injured at work or for reporting a work-related accident themselves. In most situations, if your injury stops you from completing your normal duties, your employer is obliged to make an effort to retrain you for another position you can fill.

    If you believe you have been treated or fired unfairly due to an accident, you can seek help here:

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