How to use DMS and smartkoen


DMS and SmartKoen

DMS gives an overview of the cattle production. And with SmartKoen you can make registrations directly in the barn.

DMS is a practical tool that helps the farmer to keep up with the many different information about the production in total and about every single cow. In DMS you can be reminded of important “to do’s” during the week, you can see information on a specific cow, and you can share important information with the veterinarian, e.g. 

It is easy to make registrations in DMS and with SmartKoen. Even if you do not speak Danish. Check out our fact sheet with translations of the terms in the frequently used “Dagligt overblik” (Daily overview). 

With SmartKoen you can make registrations directly from the stable, since it synchronizes with DMS. You can use it directly from your smartphone’s browser via

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