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Safety on the farm: e-Learning about working environment in English

Safety on the farm is a e-Learningtool, that helps you getting started with safety when working on a farm. Working with safety helps you prevent attrition at work and increase the well-being for you and your employees.

The site is built around several tasks within the subjects: 

  • Cooperation on the farm 
  • High-pressure washing 
  • Operation of skid steer loaders; farm machinery etc. 
  • Work at heights 
  • Slurry placement 
  • Handling of pigs 
  • Handling of cattle 
  • Use of personal protective equipment

E-Learning about working environment can be used from start to finish (duration: about 2 hours). But the material can also be used in fragments of a few minutes about the subject you need to know about right now.

How to use the e-Learning tool

  • Click on the large and small arrows to move back and forth
  • The Pause button has two small vertical lines
  • Click the cover image in the top right corner to return to the front with the eight subjects

Working with safety, when you work with either cattle or pigs

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