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Working with cattle

SEGES provides English-language films, online courses, articles, fact sheets and much more for free so that you can update your knowledge on how to work with the cattle.



Online courses


Watch videos with English subtitles about milking, biosecurity, safe cattle management and much more.  
Go to videos in English 

Videos in english, russian and danish about cattle handling


Learn more about calf care, calving management, milk quality and registration in DMS in short online courses.
Watch English-language online courses


Fact sheets

  Read articles about cattle management and work life on Danish cattle farms.
Read articles

Leaflets, fact sheets etc.
Learn more about milking routines, cattle diseases etc.
Read leaflets and fact sheets


Safety on the farm


Standard Operating Procedures in english
Look at descriptions and drawings of how different tasks on the farm can be performed, including feeding, milking, monitoring that the calves get enough colostrum, etc.
See the SOPs


Information about  workplace safety and work environment.

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