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Calendar: Topics for safety on the farm

Find inspiration for topics on safety on the farm in our safety calendar. Each month has its own topic like handling cattle, handling chemicals or what to do in case of an accident.

This page is for all – including farmers, workers, and advisors – who are interested in health and safety, the working environment and management at international farms (with workers from several countries). It is constructed specifically for farmers and workers at international farms that have a safety calendar.

The calendar is intended to be a safety discussion and dialogue tool, to be used at for example planning meetings. We suggest that you hang up the calendar next to a whiteboard in the barn, or in the lunchroom. Each month has a specific safety topic, and below you will find information about the topics. You can access the monthly topic and information directly from the calendar via the QR code.

If you would like a safety calendar to hang up at your farm, or should you have comments, questions, or suggestions for the topics and information provided, please feel free to contact us (contact details below).

The safety calender for farmers

Project: Migrants’ safety in agriculture

The topics have been selected based on research and co-creation with employers and migrant workers, as part of the project “Migrants’ safety in agriculture”. The project has been managed by Moesgaards Antropologiske Analyseenhed (MANTRA) at Aarhus University, and SEGES Innovation has been a subcontractor. The project has been funded by the Danish Working Environment Research Fund.

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